3 Ways Pinterest Will Improve Your Business Growth

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3 Ways Pinterest Will Improve Your Business Growth

14 March 2019
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When it comes to building a business today, creating a web presence with a heavy social media following and shareable content is the name of the game. A business simply cannot compete today if they aren't focusing on these things. One of the best ways to reach customers is by using the photocentric app, Pinterest. Here are three ways Pinterest can help you grow your business.

Showcase Your Products

Pinterest will allow you to create a virtual catalog of the products you have to offer. While you can, and certainly should, do the same thing on your website, the difference is more people are apt to see your products on Pinterest than they are on the company website. This is because people who may not have ever even heard of your company or weren't aware of the products you produce may end up being exposed to your offerings via the Pinterest platform.

According to Pinterest research, 83 percent of women who are between the ages of 25-54 are reached by Pinterest. When you consider women also make 80 percent of the household purchases, this is a platform and demographic you can't afford to ignore.

Reach A Male Audience

While Pinterest has always greatly appealed to far more women than men, statistics show that the male audience on the Pinterest platform has steadily increased every year since 2013. While the male demographic is predicted to be at just over 20 percent in the year 2019, that's still one-fifth of the total user base.

Companies that are geared more towards men can get an edge over the competition that isn't using Pinterest to promote their products. It's a new frontier when it comes to the male demographic on Pinterest, and you can get in on the ground floor and be a pioneer if you play your cards right. Using Pinterest account management software and Pinterest automation software can help ensure your campaign consistently targets your preferred demographic.

Interact With Users

Pinterest may be highly visual, but it is still a social media platform. Interact with your users. When you see someone has saved or shared one of your pins, reach out to them. Follow them so they can easily find you. Suggest other product pins you think they may be interested in. Thank them for pinning your product, and encourage them to share with others. Direct them to your mailing list and website.

Proportionately, Pinterest is driving one-third more traffic to you than Facebook is, so it's not a platform you should keep on your back-burner; you need to be actively engaging with prospective customers. For more information about automating your marketing, contact a company that offers Pinterest account management software.