Six Mistakes to Avoid When It Comes to Newsletter Marketing for Your Accounting Firm

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Six Mistakes to Avoid When It Comes to Newsletter Marketing for Your Accounting Firm

18 January 2019
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Newsletters can be an extremely powerful marketing tool for an accounting firm. They can provide potential and current clients with useful information that encourages them to do business with you. However, newsletters need to be designed and sent out properly to offer maximum effectiveness. 

The following are six mistakes that it's important to avoid at your accounting firm when it comes to your newsletter marketing campaign:

Focusing too much on sales in your newsletters

When drafting newsletters, it's important to focus on providing useful information to the prospective client. Don't focus too much on pushing information about your company and services. Newsletter marketing is all about attracting clients with useful information. Therefore, your newsletter needs to provide clients with helpful tips on issues like managing their finances, minimizing their taxes, and solving any business or budgetary problems they experience.

Focusing solely on accounting topics and ignoring business topics

A lot of accounting firm newsletters unfortunately focus too much on accounting and not enough on business issues. If you're handling accounting for business clients, they're going to appreciate newsletters that cover topics including business strategy, pricing, human resources issues, and marketing. Focusing solely on accounting could make it so that your audience loses interest and you lose business.

Being inconsistent and creating newsletters that differ significantly from one another

Your newsletters need to be readily identifiable and designed to fit a standard format. Make sure you include your logo and your company name. This will help you to establish a brand with your clients so that they're not just reading your newsletters without connecting them with your company.

Waiting too long to get started with newsletter marketing

Don't procrastinate about setting up your newsletter and sending it out. If you have a good email list, you need to capitalize on it with newsletters. The longer you wait, the more likely it will be that your email recipients will forget about your company and overlook your newsletters when you finally start sending them.

Sending out newsletters too frequently or too infrequently

Newsletters could eventually become overlooked by recipients if they come too frequently. Also, your company could quickly be forgotten by recipients if newsletters aren't coming frequently enough. Once a week could be a good frequency for sending out email newsletters for your accounting firm. This will keep recipients engaged with your company without overdoing it. 

Neglecting to include a pitch for services

While you want to provide useful information in your newsletter and you don't want to focus too much on sales, you still need to make sure that you do include a pitch for your services. If you start offering a new service, make sure you bring this up in your newsletter. Also, try to include a soft upsell in all of your newsletter articles. 

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