4 Tips For Using Aerial Advertising

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4 Tips For Using Aerial Advertising

18 January 2016
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Aerial advertising is a great way to get people's attention when you want to market your business or announce an upcoming promotion. Here are some helpful tips to do it effectively.

Choose the Type of Aerial Advertising

Aerial advertising includes three main options: banners, skywriting, and blimps. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks. Skywriting is good when you have a very short message to get out there and don't care about colors or font choices. For example, skywriting is good when you just want to have your new web domain across the sky. Larger messages, such as the advertisement of a current sale or promotion, are best done with banners. Blimps can be used for messages as well, but they are also great at simply advertising your business with your logo.

Keep the Design Simple

Regardless of the type of aerial advertising you do, remember to keep it simple. Nobody wants to look at a jumble of colors and a long message when they're looking up at the sky. This type of advertising works best with the least amount of words possible. For banners, you do have room for more information, but it should still only include the most important details. Mention your business name, the dates of the sale, and the type of sale. That is all that should be needed to get people's attention.

Choose the Time of Advertising Carefully

There are only certain days and times when advertising with blimps or banners is effective. Aerial advertising requires people to be outside and ready to look up when the plane goes by, so keep this in mind. Putting out blimps in the middle of the workday isn't going to get you much attention. If you want to advertise during the week, try the hours just after people get off work, when they are likely driving and might see the plane go by. Other than that, weekends and holidays are best. Specifically, holidays where people are outside having barbecues or are at the beach, such as Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Know the Rules

It is important to be aware of certain rules regarding aerial advertisement. For instance, you cannot advertise during major sporting events when there is a certain number of people in the stands, for safety and security reasons. Planes can't go over the stadiums during games, so advertising to sports fans must be done before the game and during tailgating. Advertise to sports fans starting a couple hours before the game, when you are allowed to fly the plane over the parking lot, instead of over the stadium. For other types of advertising, make sure you know the rules of when it can be done.

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