Three Types Of Companies That Should Give Away Custom-Branded Aprons

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Three Types Of Companies That Should Give Away Custom-Branded Aprons

3 April 2023
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When you think about custom-branded apparel for your company to give away, T-shirts might immediately come to mind. T-shirts are the most popular type of promotional clothing, but they're not your only choice. It can often be a good idea to think of items that are less common because they can have more of an impact on those who receive them. Many custom promotional product companies that carry a large inventory of apparel have aprons available to customize and order. An apron provides a large surface for your brand's logo and name to appear and can be a particularly good fit for certain businesses. Here are some types of companies that should give away custom-branded aprons. 

Barbecue Supply Store

If you run a barbecue supply store, you may wish to think about ordering some custom-branded aprons that you can distribute in various ways to your customers. People often wear aprons when they're grilling, because the apron helps to keep their clothing free of grease splatters. Aprons are available in many different styles and materials, and your store's name and logo can appear across the upper part of the apron. You might wish to have a monthly giveaway to show your appreciation for your customers—perhaps handing out one apron and a bottle of barbecue sauce to the winner.

Butcher Shop

A butcher shop is another business that may wish to give away custom-branded aprons. If your business has a stylish logo and/or a catchy name, having this information appear on an apron can make people keen to wear it while cooking at home. You might think about ordering promotional aprons that are similar in appearance to what your butchers wear in the shop. For example, a dark denim apron that has gold embroidered wording can offer a stylish look. There are lots of ways to give away some aprons, including in contests on your shop's social media accounts.


An apron can also be a suitable promotional product to give away if you operate a small brewery. In the summer months, beer and grilling go hand in hand. Someone who enjoys your beer will often sip one of your bottles or cans while they're grilling for family and friends, whether it's at home, at a cabin, or even while camping. When the person wears an apron that features your branding details, their guests will see your brand and may be interested in learning more about your brewery.

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