Are You Wanting To Build Your Health With Others Joining You In Your Small Community?

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Are You Wanting To Build Your Health With Others Joining You In Your Small Community?

13 June 2019
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Do you talk to friends or family members who go to fancy gyms in the cities where they live? Maybe you sometimes feel jealous of the opportunity they have. It might be that you have tried to improve your own health, but you have nobody to support you in your endeavor. With that in mind, have you considered establishing small group training for small towns like yours? From forming an exercise class at a local school to getting expert nutritionists to hold classes on proper eating habits, here are some ideas that might help you.

Establish Group Training - Do you feel qualified to lead an exercise class? If, so, consider being the instructor yourself. If you're uncomfortable with that, do you know somebody else who keeps himself or herself physically fit with an exercise regiment? Even if you aren't qualified, or you don't know anybody else who is, don't let that stop you. Even if it's small, your local library probably has physical fitness DVDs that can serve as your instructors. Consider getting several of them, just to add interest to the workouts. For example, one DVD might focus on strength training with weights, while another one will add some pizazz to your group training with jazz dance exercises.

Maybe you'll have to purchase the exercise DVDs. If so, consider getting friends to obtain different ones. Then you could create a lending library that would be available not only to those in your group, but to other people in your community.

Obviously, you'll need a place to hold your group training. Would a local school let you use its gymnasium early in the morning or after school hours? Perhaps a church would be generous in letting you use the fellowship hall. For outdoor training, like walking or jogging, think of a place that will give you variety for your routes. For example, start at a park and then meander through the outskirts of town, returning to the park for a cool-down session.

Form Nutrition Classes - Again, the person, or persons, who will teach proper nutrition doesn't actually have to be that well versed in the subject. There are plenty of excellent books available that have nutrition based information.

Consider having sharing times in the nutrition class where each of you gets to share healthy recipes and menus that will provide balance in your meals. You might even have pot luck meals where people can bring nutritious dishes they have prepared themselves.