Are You Eager To Expand Your Business Globally? 3 Benefits Of Using Ethnography Market Research For Your Company

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Are You Eager To Expand Your Business Globally? 3 Benefits Of Using Ethnography Market Research For Your Company

22 April 2019
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Traditional market research data has long been an asset for businesses that use the information to find ways to change their products or services to fit the needs of consumers. While this method still has value, there is often a need to go even deeper when you want to take your company to the global marketplace. Ethnography international market research services work differently than methods that you have used in the past because they involve observing the behaviors and experiences of the participants to identify patterns that can be used to change your current business plan. As you explore your options for global expansion, keep these benefits of trying out a different form of market research in mind.

Tap into Unknown Needs

With other forms of market research, participants are often asked to answer questions about products and services to identify potential needs that go unmet. However, this strategy is often unreliable because a consumer may not know what they have never had. With ethnography international research services, researchers observe the participants as they use the products or services and note things such as signs of a struggle. The results of these studies often reveal changes that your company can make that might not have been mentioned by a participant on a standard questionnaire. 

Gain a More Realistic View of the User Experience

With any type of research, you want the most authentic results possible. However, other types of studies can sometimes be skewed by a participant feeling the need to provide positive feedback when they had a negative experience. Alternatively, a traditional market research study may only last for an hour or two such as with a focus group. This only provides a small snapshot of how participants engage with a product. With a user-experience research company, the studies are conducted over a longer period of time with impartial observers who provide the most realistic feedback possible.

Reach Hard-to-Access Markets

There are certain types of people who may never take a survey or sit in on a focus group. For instance, people in the medical field might not have time to send feedback on a new product that they use in the operating room. Your company may also experience challenges with researching global markets due to time or distance constraints. Ethnography market research can eliminate these types of barriers through sending researchers to the actual homes and workplaces of participants for a real-life view of how they use your company's products without infringing too much on the participant's time.

Expanding your business internationally requires you to have the most accurate and up-to-date data on the user experience. By utilizing the latest market research methods, you can make your next move with the information you need to make the right decisions.