Four Things To Consider When Selecting Window Coverings For Your Child's Bedroom

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Four Things To Consider When Selecting Window Coverings For Your Child's Bedroom

22 January 2016
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Window coverings for your child's bedroom can be both decorative and functional. As you begin to consider different ways to decorate your child's room, here are a few things to consider for the room's window coverings.

Cordless Coverings

Traditional blinds and curtains with cords can pose a strangulation hazard. While you can invest in childproofing tools that keep the cords wrapped up, a better option is to go cordless with your window coverings. Cordless window shades with an accordion design are easy to raise and lower; simply pull them up or down to your desired height. Curtains that run on a track can be open or closed by pulling them open or shut, eliminating the need for cords. Your installer can set up each of these options for you, and they can be used on their own or together to create a beautiful look for your child's windows.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains make a smart addition to a toddler's room, as they can help to keep the room dark for nap time. They also come in handy for getting older children to bed on time in the summer when the sun sets later at night. They are available in a host of colors and patterns, so you can select a bright look for the child's room while eliminating sunlight when it's time to sleep.

Window Valances

Window valances give you a great opportunity to dress up your window coverings with a subtle touch. Choose valances with your child's favorite cartoon or movie characters to bring a personalized look to the room, or mix and match colors with your curtains to create a bold color contrast. For an older child's room, valances in soft colors can create a more elegant look. You can use valances with curtains or as a handy way to add a finished look to window blinds or shades.

Character Shades

Some window covering suppliers sell window shades that have your child's favorite cartoon characters printed directly on the shades. When the shades are drawn, this creates the look of a poster on your child's wall. You can use these shades with or without curtains to create a fun look in the room. If your child's room has more than one curtain, consider different characters for each window.

Window coverings can provide protection from the sunlight and add a beautiful look to your child's room. Keep these four options in mind when selecting window coverings for your child's bedroom.