3 Ways A Small Business Can Use Sales Intelligence

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3 Ways A Small Business Can Use Sales Intelligence

30 March 2015
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Sales intelligence can be a powerful tool to increase sales. Every successful corporation has a team of people dedicated to analyzing data to provide the most up-to-date customer information to help their sales force to produce the maximum amount of revenue possible. This is great for a large company, but it would seem this type of data analysis is outside the reach of a small business. However, the following are three tools that a small business can use in the same manner as a large company does.

Web analytic software

If your small business generates some or most of its sales from a website, there are powerful software programs that track what a visitor to your site does. This type of program can tell you which pages are the most popular landing sites as well as what other pages a person will visit within the site. How long a person stays on your site is recorded, and where they came from. Which words are being used in search to find what they are looking for is also recorded. Not only is web analytic software great at gathering data, but there are also analysis tools such as graphing capability. This type of software can help improve your sales conversion rates and help to better understand how to drive traffic to your site.

Survey programs

There are survey service companies that will help you to create customer surveys, and they will also allow your customers to take these surveys online. This is something only large businesses could do in the past, but now you can create your own professional survey from templates. The data that you gather from these surveys can be extremely valuable. You may be able to find new product ideas or ways to increase sales by modifying an existing product. If your business is service oriented, customer surveys can identify problems that can be fixed before they become a problem for your company.

Data analysis software

Like many small businesses, you most likely have a wealth of data already in your computer system. Popular accounting programs are an example of this. The good news for your business is that there are programs that are ready made to use the data already stored in your data files. This data can be analyzed in a variety of ways without any previous knowledge of data analysis.

Sales intelligence tools are readily available for today's small business, and the above three types of tools are only a few ways a small business owner can analyze data in a similar way a large company does. For more information about sales intelligence solutions, visit Rain King.